Hey there, aspiring Productpreneur!

Do you have a product idea that's waiting to get out into the world?

Have you thought about launching a product but you're not sure how to get started? Have you always wanted to grow your own business that generates income repeatedly? Launching your own product is one of the best ways to create residual income and live a life of freedom beyond the 9 to 5. The Product Pathway can help you get started. In just 6 weeks, you can go from having a product idea (or no idea!) to a fully tested concept and solid business plan. Whether the product be in nutrition, printables, beauty, apparel or other, my proven process will help you.

What's your why?

The Product Pathway is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Build a legacy and make a difference

  • Bring a big idea to life

  • Live a life of freedom and success

  • Scratch the entrepreneurial itch you’ve always had

  • Set an awesome example for your kids

Course outline

  • 1


    • Welcome video

  • 2

    Ideation: Ideate and Choose the best ideas to test

    • We will brainstorm ideas and choose the top ideas to build out and test in concept testing

    • Module 1 Video: Ideation - Ideate and choose the best ideas to test

  • 3

    Build Concepts: Build Concepts based on the top ideas

    • We will build 'concepts' (written descriptions and visuals) of our top ideas for testing.

    • Module 2 Video: Build Concepts - Build concepts for testing based on the top ideas

  • 4

    Test Concepts: Get feedback to determine and refine the winning concept

    • We’ll test the top ideas as visual and written concepts to determine whether the consumer understands and is likely to buy the product.

    • Module 3 Video: Test Concepts - Test concepts to determine the winning concept

  • 5

    Choose Concept: Choose and refine your top concept

    • We will refine the winning concept based on feedback to ensure that it's clear and compelling.

    • Module 4 Video: Choose Concept - Choose and refine the winning concept based on feedback

  • 6

    Develop: Identify your top suppliers and work on a prototype

    • Here we will reach out to suppliers and start building a prototype.

    • Module 5: Develop: Select suppliers and start developing the product

  • 7

    Build the Plan: Build the business plan to map a profitable strategy

    • We will work on your business plan to ensure that you have a profitable business model. This includes pricing, financials, customers, distribution, etc.

The Product Pathway Includes:

This is so much more than an online course. You'll be supported along the way with coaching and group accountability.

  • Six modules of training

  • Six weekly online meetings to ask questions and learn from others

  • A facebook group for feedback, support and accountability

  • One complimentary one hour private coaching call during the six weeks to ask any specific questions.

Get started on your product business

With this step by step course and guidance, you will significantly increase your chance of success. Enrolment is open now and the course starts August 24th.

Meet your coach

Product development and Marketing Coach

Nicole de Larzac

I'm Nicole de Larzac, a product development and marketing coach who helps aspiring entrepreneurs create products that sell so they can live a life of freedom and success. I've been in marketing for most of my career, managing some big brands. I later wanted the flexibility to be with my newborn baby so I started a product business and grew it to $2 million in sales. I sold that business and, since then, have been building – and growing – brands as a consultant and coach. I’d love to help you break free from the 9 to 5 and carve out more time for what matters through a successful product based business.


At this time, we are offering a special founding members rate of over 50% off (regular price is $497). Course begins August 24th. HURRY - doors close August 22nd..


What our clients are saying

"I know it's saving me time and money in the long run"

by Grace Moores, Founder - Jolly Bark

I had a business idea and Nicole has been instrumental in bringing it into fruition. Her program is stopping me from making so many mistakes, so I know it’s saving me time and money in the long run. Nicole has been so supportive. She is helping me move forward all the time.

"It's like having a product therapist"

Giovanna Aiello, Founder - Mumdies

I think the best thing I did was work with Nicole because it was so overwhelming. I felt so lost and didn’t know what to do at all to start a product based business. I think I saved myself thousands and thousands of dollars of making mistakes to work with someone who can guide me throughout the journey. It was like having someone hold your hand and support you. It’s like having a product therapist. It was definitely the best decision. I would spend the money again just to have the guidance that came from it. It was very, very helpful.

"It is because of Nicole that our e-commerce business skyrocketed online in 2018"

Jackie Dinsmore, Co-Founder - FlapJackKids

I can’t say enough about Nicole and her services for our business. She is knowledgeable, courteous, professional, timely, and detailed. For one month in particular, Nicole’s efforts resulted in a 665% increase in our Canadian online sales and 322% increase in our US sales. I can’t recommend Nicole more highly for her marketing and brand growth expertise. It is because of her that our e-commerce business skyrocketed online in 2018. Thank you Nicole!

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